Once upon a time …

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… there was a very rich old man. He lay on the bed late at night introspecting. That very day, the doctor had called him to tell him the news, that his days were numbered. The doctor’s words had been, “Generally, I would have told his news to a family member, but since you do not have any one …”. The doctor had left his sentence unfinished. The doctor’s statement brought the old man’s world crashing down. He had spent his life in the pursuit of riches. The old man thought to himself, “Why O Lord! You gave me riches and power, why have I  been left bereft of love in this lifetime?” That very night, the old man got a dream. The Lord appeared in his dreams and said “Go see the world and you shall have your answer!” The next day, the old man got up and decided to do just that – see the world.

So he went to Washington, DC – the home of the most powerful person in the world, the president of the United States. It was spring time and cherry blossoms were in full bloom. He got a peek of the Jefferson memorial through these pink flowers.  This juxtaposition of beautiful spring flowers, spell binding architecture and the Potomac river, really moved him. He had found mesmerizing natural beauty in the capital of the United States, a place only famous for the power play of humans.

He continued his quest underground as well. He reached Luray Caverns. There he chanced upon this beautiful tapestry. It had been created not out of man’s hands, but out of the heaves of the earth and deposits of minerals over hundreds, maybe thousands of years.  This tapestry seemed nothing short of magic to him.

His sojourn then continued to what is known as the holiest place in the world, Vatican City.  He could not believe his eyes at the view he got atop St. Peter’s Basilica. He realized that man is divine too, because only a divine hand could have crafted this architectural beauty. He considered himself privileged to have witnessed this place, where man and god had achieved union.

He continued his exploration of St. Peter’s Basilica. He came across many works of beauty, created by great Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo and Pannini. This imposing statue seemed to tell him, “Son, you have sinned, but rise! All is not lost! Your quest is not hopeless!”

And last but not the least, he reached Seattle, US. He came to know that this city is home to one of the biggest technology companies of the world namely Microsoft and Amazon. He reached atop the Space Needle.  He was transfixed by this view of Seattle downtown, with the majestic and ghostly mountain peak, Mt. Rainier.  He also learned that Seattle  had dreary weather with almost 9 months of rain every year. However, on this day the sun was shining bright perhaps to reflect his mood, which had also taken a turn for the better.

He had reached the end of his travails.  He had seen beautiful glimpses of natural and man made marvels. He had also met many beautiful people and he had realized the purpose of his quest.  He had realized that the world was full of love,

Welcome to my world of love

World of love
Welcome to my world of love

and the only place where love had dwindled was his heart and mind. He vowed to go back home and try to mend his relationships with his estranged family and friends. He also vowed to spend his remaining wealth in charity and his remaining days in the company of his loved ones.

This is my entry for the blogadda travel contest I have copyright for all the pictures, in case anyone wonders.

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