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The Perfect Gift

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Chapter 1: The Decision

Karl and his friend John were sitting in a pub, on a Friday night. Both of them had downed a glass too many and therefore were more inclined to be more vocal about their thoughts and feelings.

John asked Karl, “So, how are things going with Gin? He meant Ginny, Karl’s college sweetheart.

Karl replied resignedly, “I am afraid, not so good.”

John asked inquisitively, “Oh, everyone in college thought you were the perfect couple! We all would say, ‘Yea they are going to so get married to each other!’ What happened there?”

Xmas Tree

Karl said, “Well, I keep traveling! I have not been able to see her for the past many months, because of my travelling schedules. I am going to meet her during the Christmas, though. I feel that already we have drifted apart.”

John exclaimed, “You know what you should do! You should give her the most stupendous gift ever, something that will blow her off her feet right into your arms!”

Karl demurred, “I never seem to know, what she wants for a gift.”

John reassured, “Oh, you are a rich man now! Buy her a diamond. Women love diamonds, you can never go wrong with that!”

Chapter 2: His Gift

The more thought Karl gave to John’s idea, the more convincing it seemed to him.  He decided to gift her the perfect diamond.  He began his search for it and almost immediately found just the thing, an 8 carat perfectly polished humongous stone. When he actually went to purchase it, he hesitated.

“This beast is worth 6 months of my hard earned salary”, Karl thought. But then he imagined the smirks on their college friends’ faces saying, ‘Oh Ms. Perfect and Mr. Perfect were not so perfect after all!’ Karl decided to give care a damn, and went ahead with the purchase.  After all no amount is small to win the love of your life, thought Karl.

The day of meeting Ginny finally arrived. Karl was very excited and a little apprehensive. What if everything does not go according to plan? He decided to banish these doubts and to focus on the excitement of beginning a new life with Ginny. In fact, Ginny had hinted that she also had a ‘stupendous’ gift for him, something that he had wanted since a long time. Karl wondered what it would be.  He half hoped that it would be one of the expensive tuxedos, which he had rented to wear during their prom. Ginny had promised him that as soon as she would have a bit of money, she would buy it for him. He was touched that Ginny had remembered that incident.

Chapter 3: The Meeting

Ginny had insisted that they meet in what had been their favorite restaurant as college kids.  He reached well before the designated time of their date. She did not keep him waiting long. As she entered, Karl looked at her and thought, “Somehow, she looks more beautiful than ever before.” They began talking.  Karl was put at ease by Ginny’s liveliness and friendliness. All his misgivings dissolved, and he decided to begin his real quest.

He said to Ginny, “I have a gift for you! But first let us see yours!” Ginny said, “Oh you are so going to love this!”

She removed a daintily gift wrapped box and gave it to him.  Karl opened it with shivering fingers. Out came a DVD. He looked aghast at it. His mind was in a furor. A DVD in exchange of a priceless diamond?

Karl burst out saying, “Oh a DVD! Wow, so thoughtful of you! You know what I got for you? A priceless diamond worth 6 months of my pay! Do you know how hard I work to make that kind of money? You should have told me, you are not interested, I would nothave bought this huge stone for someone who obviously does not care! So you have drifted apart. Had you cared,you would have taken the effort to get me something worth more than a damn DVD.”

Ginny replied amidst tears, “Thanks Karl! Thanks for everything! I knew you had changed, but did not know how much!”

She was sobbing uncontrollably now. She picked up her belongings and left. The diamond was left in Karl’s pocket.

Chapter 4: Her Gift

Karl was dejected. He walked home almost on the verge of tears himself, wondering how he could have been fooled by Ginny.  He tried to drown his sorrows in alcohol. In his drink induced stupor, he noticed Ginny’s gift lying beside him. He snorted, “DVD!” and on a whim decided to play it. A few moments into watching it, Karl came to himself. He could not believe his eyes. He was witnessing all the scenes, all the memories that he had shared with Ginny – their first date, their prom night, the time they had spent cramming for exams, the song that had been playing when they had first kissed… Ginny had spent countless hours on getting the footage from their old friends, compiling it from camcorders and shaky mobile cameras.

The DVD played on. Karl was now sobbing unabashedly. Towards the end, came Mariah Carey’s song,

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas, but there is something I need,

I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree,

I just want you for my own, more than you could ever know,

Make my wish come true, all I want for Christmas … is YOU!”

Authors note:  My entry for this competition in BlogAdda which is sponsored by Pringoo

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Massage and M&Ms – A Crush Story

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Note from author: This piece got an honorable mention in blogadda’s competition. Thanks for the encouragement!

My name is Rajesh. Today, I am going to tell you the story of my first crush. You may ask, why?  To know the reason and the story, read on.

Chapter 1: A Massage spoils it all!

So, I was all of 16. I had just passed 10th standard board exams and joined junior college. It was the first day of college. My two friends, Aneesh and Bunty and I, were hanging out in the college canteen.  And then it happened.  The famed thunderbolt!  (what Michael Corleone had experienced when he had met Appolonia in the Godfather).  I saw her.  Kohl lined eyes, straight hair ..

Her name was Chayanika Malhotra, I learnt later.  I could not stop thinking about her.  Thinking is one thing and obsessing is another, and I guess I was doing the latter.  My friends could not help but pity me. At first, they tried to make me see sense,  that a girl like her can never be with a guy like me. When that did not work, Aneesh offered to take a note from me to her.  Off he went striding towards her. I could not bear to look, so I disappeared from the scene.  Aneesh and Bunty reappeared in just a bit.  Aneesh was almost on the verge of crying.  So I asked,

Me: What happened?”

Aneesh was spared the trouble of talking by Bunty relating the entire story.

Bunty: Actually, he went to Chayanika and said, ‘I have a MASSAGE for you!’

I would have burst out laughing had it not been my own Victorian tragedy being written.

Bunty: (continued) … So one of the guys in her group said that, he will treat Aneesh, uhm, to a nice massage and roughed him up a bit (ended sheepishly).

My note asking her out for a coffee had been left in Aneesh’s pocket.  I forgave Aneesh, after all it was just a mispronunciation (that had ruined my life).

Chapter 2: Eminem or M&M?

Soon I got another chance with Chayanika. We met at a bus stop.  I mustered up all the courage I could and started making small talk with her.  She was waiting for some friend to arrive. I feigned that I was waiting for a friend too.  Even now I cannot believe how smooth I was then. I actually asked her whether she would like to have a coffee with me, while we both waited for our respective friends. Unfortunately, her friend Reshmi  arrived just then. But they graciously agreed to accompany me to the coffee shop, while I waited. Overall, I was satisfied with the way things had gone that evening. The 3 of us sat down with our coffees. Angrez rap music was being played. Reshmi chose that moment to say,

Reshmi: Oh I just love Eminem.

I had been hoping to impress Chayanika with the depth of my knowledge and the breadth of my interests, but I had no clue who or what Eminem was.  I had a sudden brainwave. Just a couple of weeks back, my uncle had brought some chocolates from USA. And one of them I remembered was named M&Ms. It was an American version of our Indian Gems. A wise man had  once said – ‘Look before you leap’, but I chose to ignore him and burst through.

Me:  Oh yes, I love the M&Ms. Just recently my uncle got them in some peanut butter flavor, which is famous in the USA.  Their shape is also different.

Both the girls looked curiously at me and then I realized with great horror, that I had committed a grave blunder. Reshmi realized my mistake and smirked condescendingly,

Reshmi: Oh I meant the rapper Eminem and not the candy.

Soon after they excused themselves and I heard them snickering about ‘Eminems and M&Ms’.

Chapter 3: The hero saves the day!

Thereafter, I was in the doldrums of depression.  Even after multiple repeated failures, I had not got closure. So I was in class, in my usual place behind Chayanika, observing the play of light on her hair. It was a sultry sort of a day and the stuffiness of the class as well as of our professor’s monotone, soon drove me into a state of torpor. Soon, I was dozing.  Suddenly, I heard a commotion. I opened my eyes and I found the entire class’s eyes in my direction. I was aghast.  I thought that I had been caught red handed napping in class. Not knowing what else to do, I stood up.  The professor angrily remarked,

Professor: So it was you! Please walk out of the class. If you want to attend my class again, please get your father to meet me.

I walked out of the class dejectedly and waited in the canteen corner for my friends to show up.  I heard a timid voice say, “Hi.” I looked up. It was Chayanika. Before I could say anything, she started speaking amidst heart breaking sobs,

Chayanika: (crying)You should not have done it for me. I would have stood up!

I was thoroughly confused then, but soon the story became clearer. Chayanika had been chewing gum and she did not know how, but she had made a startlingly screechy sound.  The professor had taken offence at it and had been asking the culprit to own up. And at that opportune moment I had stood up.

I had become a chivalrous hero in the eyes of Chayanika. Lady Luck and Lady Chayanika had both smiled at me that day. I was literally (ok, figuratively) on top of the world.  The rest, as they say, is history. (Before that an angry sire almost made me a part of ancient history.

together forever The final reveal – Why did I tell you this story?  It is because the writer of this blog is rather mercenary and decided that my story would be a good entry for the blogadda contest sponsored by Pringoo.

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